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2015 through 2016, Rohrscheib completed over 530 caisson foundations for the Little Caesars Arena and the surrounding buildings. 

Working grade varied, including working from a 37' cut, working on a limited access ramp, and working from street grade.

Various installation procedures were required to complete the project. Many of the caissons were drilled under slurry and concrete was placed via the tremie method. 

Drilling conditions also varied. Caissons were designed to bear on hardpan or directly on rock at a depth of up to 150' with 15' of extremely dense soil, cobbles, and boulders. 

Several caisson types were implemented including straight shaft and belled caissons with diameters ranging from 3' to 7'. Many full-length resteel cages were installed and several caissons had a unique double caged design

In order to complete the job in a safe and timely manner, multiple crews were involved and up to four different types of drill rigs were active at one time. 


The project was completed with zero incidences, on schedule, and Rohrscheib was able to meet the 51% Detroit based labor and 30% Detroit based business requirements. 

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